I am 25 years old and did the Lightning Process a year ago. I had suffered from severe depression which eventually led to a complete breakdown at university and subsequently a few months spent in the Priory Hospital. Despite the Priory being a ‘safe haven’ it did not focus on a way of overcoming my ‘problems’ and my depression continued, if anything got worse. My mind was filled with missing friends I had pushed away through my depression, the ‘stigma’ I had and the upset and worry I caused along with the horrid drag of the depression itself. Ultimately I had lost my life through my depression and I couldn’t get out of the rut I was in. I was deeply unhappy and even when I started picking up the pieces of my life I was still jaunted by the darkness of the ‘illness’.

I was fed up of therapy and people just nodding their heads in sympathetic agreement – I needed something to help me continue my life with a smile on my face. And this is where the Lightning Process came in!

Within the first three days I felt more confident and alert. The knot in my head started to unwind while I found out my strengths and new way of thinking. I could sit still without fidgeting and without my mind wandering back to unhappy, sad thoughts. Rather than feeling drowned under waves of negativity I was starting to rise above the surface. This was hugely exciting and these initial thoughts at first gave me more strength to really continue with this new way of living!

Since having completed the course I am now simply a much happier person. What I learnt from the LP course has helped me stay strong with so many aspects of life which would have crippled me before. I am once again organised, energetic and ambitious. I am even running the New York marathon this year! Thanks to LP I am leading a life I love and that is something I never thought would have happened after having become so ill with such a horrid, horrid illness.