I’m Michael and before the Lightning Process I had ME/CFS/no-one really knows what. I was shunted from doctor to blood test to sleep study to another doctor and no-one could give my issue a proper name. Basically, I was tired/fatigued/had no energy. I barely managed 3 or 4 lessons a day and spent the rest of my time in bed or too tired to do anything. I had no social life and only a few friends, whom I hardly saw. There was no fun in my life. I was imprisoned in my own body. This went on for 3 1/2 years, knocking out 11 school terms, and after that time I became desperate- hopelessly upset and I felt like life wasn’t worth living. By chance, I heard of the Lightning Process and looked into it. The description on the website sold it as it was me to a tee- chronic tiredness, no-one knows what to do etc. So, I bought the book and applied. When Helen (my practitioner) rang back and accepted me I was delighted and really excited- I knew I was going to get better. For the first time in 3 1/2 years I had some hope, optimism and something to get up for of a morning- I was so much happier. The training is really informative and it takes the book to another level. They look at everything- not only helping you resolve your fatigue, but also opening up your mind to think like a normal healthy person. It was good to be in a group of people as it was nice to see them doing well, like I was- the whole network was very supportive. The transformation over the 3 days was amazing. When I did the process for the first time on the first day I instantly started to feel better and had more energy. That night, I went out into London with my friend and had the best fun I’d had in ages and I felt amazing the whole time. The transformation was incredible and at the end of the 3 days, I went back to work experience full of energy and had fun. Since I’ve felt better, I’ve gone out at least once a week with my friends, made new friends, do full time school, gym twice a week, go badminton, parties, sleepovers. My life’s a non-stop party! I actually feel like a healthy person again. :D. But to say I’ve lived happily ever after would be to lie (life’s not a fairy tale!). But when I’ve needed it, the process has been there and when that’s not enough, the support book and CD are excellent, but Helen has also been there and genuinely committed to ensuring I have the life I love. To say I’ve lived immeasurably happier ever after is the truth. Thanks Lightning Process.