This picture was taken one and a half months after the Lightning Process seminar, and it’s now been four years of a new and different life for me.

When I came to London I had been having chronic leg and back pain for ten years. I was diagnosed with three disc prolapses, and thus believed (and was told) that there was nothing I could do about it. I would have to live with it, probably for the rest of my life.

My friend had done the Lightning Process for ME, and felt completely well after 3 years of illness. As a physiotherapist she encouraged me to try it “but I have disc prolapses – there’s nothing to do about it” was my reply. How could I treat something that was physical with a training like the Lightning Process? She convinced me that it would be a really good thing for me, and I decided to apply. I knew that I had to truly believe that this was going to make me well, and so I told everybody that in a short while I would be able to do whatever; football, skiing, running and even wearing high heels, convincing others and through that also myself that this would be it. But deep inside I didn’t really believe it – it sounded too good to be true.

After the first day of the training I did the Process like a maniac trying to make it work, and I sensed some changes, but I felt that my situation was different than all the other situations I had heard about, and that I wouldn’t really be able to get well. After all, none of the cases were concerning back pain like my own. The second day of the Process made me realise that this was the case with many people – that ‘everybody’s’ case was ‘a bit different’. Just like that things started to change, and I experienced relaxation in my body for the first time in ten years. Wow! I felt like I was drunk and floating on air – what an amazing feeling!

The first days after the training I was in transition and changed back and forth between complete happiness and harmony, and complete hopelessness and the feeling that I would never make it. For a week this went on, and then I slowly started to relax, trusting that I now had the tools to make myself completely well. The first time I went jogging I was really nervous and scared, and thrilled when I realised that I could do it. Just for 15 minutes, but still – that was an achievement! Three weeks ago I bought a membership card with a sports-centre, and I have been doing spinning and step – I can assure you that step was something I could only dream about a few months ago. Last week it was Easter, and I went skiing every day. Except for the huge blisters on my heels I had no pain whatsoever – it was amazing!

Now I’m not scared of doing anything (as far as back pain goes, that is) – I’m looking forward to the weather to improve so that I can start orienteering, and this summer I want to play football – it’s so great to know that I will be able to! There are so many other things that have improved in my life since the process – I’m much more relaxed, I don’t stress about little things, and I am much happier. Learning the Lightning Process is one of the smartest decisions I have made in my life!