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Meet our Practitioners: Jason McTiernan

Our ‘Meet the Practitioners’ series continues with Jason McTiernan…

Jason offers seminars in various locations throughout the UK and Ireland, including Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.  And this year he relocated to Canada and travels to lots of different venues to offer the LP there.

You can watch Jason talking about his own experiences of the LP here…

You can also find out more by searching ‘Jason McTiernan’ here:

Phil Parker

About Phil Parker

Phil Parker is an internationally renowned author, speaker, therapist and innovator in the field of personal development. Phil runs the Phil Parker Training Institute in London where he train people in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process. His work, including the Lightning Process, has changed the lives of thousands of people by around the world. More information about Phil can be found here.