Today’s fascinating case history is from Ellie Poore’s … So, many unexplained symptoms since childhood. Fainting, lots of rashes, blisters, pain, never felt right! On into late teens with severe back pain which couldn’t be explained by doctors. Had many sessions of physio & osteopathy. By this time I was also experiencing bouts of depression. Birth of first child, 1985 & it was a hellish pregnancy. In & out of hospital with various symptoms, which I now think could be fibro related. Still severe back pain & depression. Birth of second child 1989, by the time he was 3 months old I couldn’t walk upstairs & would carry him up on my knees. By now I was in full-blown fibro flare-up, but doctors thought that it was maybe RA. I wouldn’t take steroids as I was feeding my baby & was hoping that everything would die down. Pain did improve for a while, but after a year I was referred to a rheumatologist consultant & was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. There followed a period of intense physio, neck manipulation & medication. Life was tough. About 1993 I felt well enough to go back to work albeit part-time in a school, which allowed me to fit in work around my children. I was still unwell but paced myself as well as I could. I managed about 10 years of working, which I loved. Even during this time I was experiencing other symptoms, vertigo, IBS & irritable bladder. At times I was literally holding on to the walls to get around the house. Then about 17 years ago (not sure of dates anymore) I completely crashed & burned. By now I was working longer hours in a secondary school with boys & my job was to improve the truancy rates! I was literally running around the school most days. But one day I woke up & could hardly put one foot in front of the other & I was exhausted beyond anything I had ever known. My physio described me as ‘barely existing’ which was exactly how I felt. I knew that it was serious & as much as the school wanted me to stay, I knew for my health I had to stop. At times I felt the need to use a stick to aid with walking but resisted a wheelchair. For the next 2 years I barely shuffled. My aims of the day were to walk to our newsagent (just around the corner from us), buy the paper, do the crossword & cook a family meal, even if it meant just shoving something in the oven. Of course, that meant a lot of take-away meals & the impact on my family was immense. My sons were teenagers by now & not really understanding of my illness. I was so fortunate that my husband stood by me & realised that I was doing the best that I could. Over the next few years, pain ebbed & flowed, fatigue was unrelenting .Due to severe brain fog I barely read anymore, or did any craft or dancing….or anything that I loved. I would go to bed nearly every night by 7pm & just watch tv before crashing out. But every now & then I would gather my courage & make myself do something that I LOVED to do. Usually go to a concert….a band that I would be desperate to see. We still had friends round for dinner, but they understood that sometimes I might have to go to bed & leave them to carry on without me. The impact on relationships was huge. The depression side of things was bad at times….very bad, to the point of feeling suicidal. I actually got to the point of knowing how I would take myself out…..I was using homeopathy for years to help, but eventually I gave in & went to my GP who gave me medication. I had also had years of counselling & CBT. The medication helped to keep me on a more even keel but I knew it was still an issue. I had tried many therapies over the years, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, reiki, osteopathy, physio but nothing really made me feel that I was improving. The Lightning Process I had heard vaguely of the Lightning Process through a support group that I used to go to (I stopped because the members were incredibly negative people) but had never heard a good review. Then in March 2015 I saw an item on Facebook about a free talk on the Lightning Process by Brenda Cameron & went to see her. I was blown away by her & the people giving their testimonials & convinced my husband that I had to give it a go. My thought was that if only a few issues were improved, that would be great. I started my course with Brenda on 6th May 2015 & it was the most life-changing 3 days of my life. I chose to stay in Whitstable whilst doing the course so that I could completely focus on me. After day 1 I was walking a fair way along the promenade & stayed up late (11pm) rather than the usual 7pm (which was at least 5-6 days every week). I awoke early on day 2, 6am….went for a walk before breakfast & then a 2 hour walk after my course finished that day. I felt like my old self….like I was always meant to be. I was taking joy in my surroundings, taking photos all through my walk & was so excited by the new tools that I was learning. Day 3 saw me walking again….& I haven’t stopped since. I’ve taken huge delight in walking every day, so much more aware of the nature around me & the feeling of happiness that I hadn’t known in years. I can honestly say that I haven’t done depression since. Of course there have been trials & tribulations but LP has helped me cope/manage so well. Everyone can see how different I am. I can do anything I want to now without feeling under any pressure to perform. I’m doing exactly what I want, when I want. My husband is still in awe at times & I know is excited for our future. Since doing LP I have: Walked every day, taking joy in my natural surroundings Danced the whole weekend at the Isle of Wight Festival Climbed hills in Northumberland Travelled through Russia by train & walked on average 10km every day Climbed over the O2 Joined our village music festival committee & taken an active part Enjoyed Chinese New Year in Chinatown Increased my charity fundraising Foraged for blackberries & sloes & made blackberry jam & sloe gin Read much more & increased my crafting activities Created a flower border in my garden Experience of Joy & Happiness, more in a year than in my whole life Lost 12lbs in weight (more to go)