It was less than a year ago I was reading from this very testimonial page myself, thinking “yeah, yeah.  I bet they are exaggerating the benefits of this thing, or I bet it won’t work for me” and now, here I am writing one and knowing they weren’t exaggerating at all!

It took 17 years of pain and suffering for my doctor to finally diagnose Fibromyalgia.  During that time I had seen several consultants, had dozens of x-rays and blood tests, taken natural and regular pain medication, was treated by osteopaths, hydrotherapists and physiotherapists and offered anti-depressants (no thanks!)  In addition, I had also experimented with veganism, food allergy diets, yoga, resistance exercises, swimming, meditation and positive thinking – anything to try to minimise the unending joint pain and fatigue.  Nothing helped control the back, hip, neck, knee, shoulder and wrist ache, plus bi-lateral plantar faciitis and achilles tendonitis, that woke me many times in the night and dogged me through every day.  I would crawl down the stairs in the morning, barely able to stand, do up shoe laces or walk any distance.  I had a limited number of energy credits to use each day and they were quickly spent just getting in the shower.  I had to give up a career I loved and began to pace myself – a pace that got slower and slower.

Strangely enough, the day after I received the diagnosis (and a prescription for a new cocktail of chemicals and some pretty depressing information about it being a lifelong incurable illness) I met an old acquaintance who said she had had the same illness but had been well for over a year!  She certainly had changed from the person I had known before, into a bright eyed and energetic woman.  But with this new diagnosis of doom still ringing in my ears, I found it hard to believe it was possible.  My friend had worked the Lightning Process and directed me to the website and book.   To be honest with you, I was a little sceptical and a bit nervous of what it might involve, but I was willing to go to any lengths by this point and the pain had made me open minded.

The three day course was quite a revelation and I was relieved to find my practitioner was not only extremely well prepared, friendly, easy to talk to and had a cracking sense of humour, but she could really empathise not just sympathise.  She had been in a similar position herself – somehow that identification helped me over the scepticism and made me realise that it could work for me too.  My condition was carefully and patiently explained to me and it was a relief to know it wasn’t all in my mind, which is what I feared!  I took the training on board and did the suggested homework.

walking on the downs

I think by day two of the course I was feeling better, and by day three pretty good.  The next day I woke up pain free and did a two hour walk across farmland, including climbing up the North Downs – a veritable mountain to me!   That was nine months ago, and I can confidently (and jubilantly) say: I am cured.  I haven’t spent a single hour resting on the sofa since then and I get a good night of full, refreshing sleep.  I am pain free, studying full time for a degree, out socialising at least four nights a week, walking the dogs up that mountain whenever I want to, and doing well.  Really, I mean it – doing well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Lightning Process to anyone who is willing to be open minded and ready to change.