Hi Phil I just wanted to drop you a quick mail and let you know whats happened since I did the lightning process in April ish time 2006. Wow how the time has flown.

When I came to do the lightening process I had been off work for about 12-18 months “doing” CFS 🙂 Doing living at home with my parents while my own house stood empty.

Within a couple of weeks of attending the course that you ran I had moved back to my home and went back to my job.

Within a couple of months I holidayed in Portugal with my cousin

Within another couple of months I traveled through Mexico and Belize with my cousin getting into all sorts of fabulous mischief.

Another month later and I rekindled my Australian permanent residency application.
At the same time I found myself a great girlfriend.

A while later I was  jetting off around Europe for city breaks at the weekend.

In April 2007 my Australian Visa came through and I traveled to Australia to get my Visa validated and catch up with friends in Sydney.

In Oct 2008 I rented my home in the UK out and moved to Sydney permanently with my girlfriend. I moved into an apartment next to the ocean. I swim in crystal clear water before I go to work.

I took some time out from the corporate world and ran a hostel that a friend owned.
I took up surfing, camping, mountain biking, body boarding, fishing and drinking cold beer like every other good Australian.

I went back to the corporate world and am enjoying it.

I fitness train twice a week on Bondi Beach at 6am before I go to the office. I run a tough 5k along a hilly coastal path between Coogee & Bondi at least once a week.

Basically I got my life back and I’m very grateful to you.

There is no doubt that for me the lightening process was the right thing to do at the right time. It was what I needed to help me move out of my stuckness.

Of course there have been challenges but I recognize them for what they are and choose not to do them anymore.

So once again thank you for your help I am incredibly grateful and wish you continues success with the lightening process.