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Phil Parker

I’ve always believed that almost anything is possible. So when, in the 1990s, I was asked to find a new way to help people who were incredibly stuck with their health issues, I eagerly began researching into how we might use the mind-body connection effectively.

I’d been fascinated with it since I’d used it to recover from an extremely serious hand injury and was intrigued by the reports of other spontaneous recoveries and research into groups such as the Buddhist monks who seemed to overcome extremes of physical temperature and pain…

My background as an Osteopath and Personal Development Expert provided me with an opportunity to approach health issues, and ways to make changes in our health, from a totally new perspective.  That research resulted in me designing the Lightning Process.

At first I ran all the seminars myself but it soon became apparent that the Lightning Process could help many more people if there were more practitioners specially trained to run the seminars around the world.  Developing a Register of professionally trained LP practitioners has meant my work has helped thousands of people change their lives and health for the better through LP seminars worldwide.

The success of the LP means I run less courses myself now, although I still run approximately four seminars a year (you can find out about how to join my LP seminars here), as I divide my time between training practitioners, my research and developing new courses.

It’s been a truly fascinating journey so far, and there’s so much more to do to bring hope, health and a better future to all – I do hope this site is the starting point for your journey to getting the kinds of changes you wish for too.

“Phil is such an extraordinary teacher and educator that he can shift the way people think and deal with problems that frankly are un-treatable in traditional medical methods.”  
Dr. Fleur Appleby Dean MBBS BSc

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    Currently working on a systematic review of the concept of flourishing within substance and alcohol use.
    Most research looks at how to stop bad behaviours and focuses on the psychopathology-in fact the majority of research is focused on trouble, disease and the extremes of poor health-and hardly anything focuses on how to be happy, how to be healthy, what makes for fulfilment and yet these are possibly the more interesting questions and ones which are applicable to most of us.
    The concept of flourishing looks at exactly this and it's really important for those with substance use issues as stopping using is the relatively easy bit-staying off drugs is the bit that most people struggle with. However if you can build a flourishing and fulfilled life then it is much easier to stay out of addictive behaviours.
    Interestingly there are thousands of papers on relapse addiction et cetera but only about 12 papers on this in the field of research...
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