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  • Says it all #love
    #selfcare #selfesteem #selflove #lightningprocess
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    1 day ago  ·  

    I’ve been noticing the a lot recently. We’ve somehow over valued busy-nesss and stressful living.

    As a result we often forget that time is a rare precious and finite treasure and should be used with exquisite care

    #time #priorities #choices #busy #stress #now #lightningprocess
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    2 days ago  ·  

    #Sourdough baby number 2. Looking good. Sometimes stuff just needs #time #bread #bake #organic #lightningprocess ... See MoreSee Less

    2 days ago  ·  

    Last day of the Lightning Process seminar. This was a theme. How much of the time are we #passive, just #tolerate averageness or less than what we #deserve? Time to wake up to the #magic of life and the awesomeness within us so we can authenticity #contribute to others. #lightningprocess #psychology #choice ... See MoreSee Less

    3 days ago  ·  

    Although the word ‘life’ is thought of a noun, it’s actually a #verb, as life isn’t a static thing but a unfolding #process, a dûing. Remembering this reminds of its ability to #change, flow, surprise and be influenced by our #choices #lightningprocess ... See MoreSee Less

    4 days ago  ·