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So, thank you again. I can’t say it enough!

I am a September 2007 graduate from the Lightning programme and wanted to let you know that, over a year on, the training is still serving me well.  This year will be the best ever for my consulting business, largely due to the energy I am now able to channel into it, the ways in which I can be in the most effective state of mind for each intervention and the integration into my own coaching practice of many of the concepts I learned from you.

I have also just spent a week with my sister, with whom I have had a loving but somewhat tense relationship in the past, and it went really well.  No arguments or misunderstandings, just me being able to see things for how they are and being comfortable with that.  I will also be hosting my first Christmas this year (at the grand age of 45!) for my parents, aunt and partner.  I’m really looking forward – the excitement far outweighing any anxiety I might have ‘done’ about it!

So, thank you again.  I can’t say it enough!tulips-52126_640

Three years later…
After a rather rocky 2009 business-wise (but personally a very healthy one!) things are beginning to pick up again and I am able to between focus my energy (and there is a lot of that!) by being more thoughtful about what I enjoy doing and what is going to serve my business well.  Last year was significant in that I am now a trained coach and the experiences on the training course, and in my coaching practice since, have taken the Lightning Process learning even further.  I am much better at ‘listening’ to the physical message I get and this serves me well in three ways:

1. Recognising the ‘pit’ is almost automatic now and getting earlier all the time – so I am much more resilient

2.  I notice the ‘niggles’.  These tend to be my intuition telling me that I need to pay more attention to something/somebody and this has had a positive impact on my work and personal life.

3. I examiner and ‘store away’ how I feel when something really good happens – like a really good coaching session with a client – so that I can recreate that good feeling at will.

On a personal front my partner is still looking for the ‘pause’ button (sometimes I have a little too much energy for his tastes!) and is gently teaching me the art of ‘doing nothing’ – especially on a Sunday with a newspaper.  Since attending the Lightning Process I have not had any symptoms that dogged me for over 15 years and I am pretty much resistant to the colds and bugs that friends and family kindly being with them!  I continue to recommend the Lightning Process and am eternally grateful to a friend of mine who recommended it to me – even though it all seems like a long time ago now.

Best wishes to all at the Lightning Process and particularly to Phil Parker whose training enabled me to take back control of my life!


Phil Parker

About Phil Parker

Phil Parker is an internationally renowned author, speaker, therapist and innovator in the field of personal development. Phil runs the Phil Parker Training Institute in London where he train people in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process. His work, including the Lightning Process, has changed the lives of thousands of people by around the world. More information about Phil can be found here.