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No more sticks/wheelchair for me. But yes to rollerblades and walking boots.

Wowzer what a great time we’re having – so a brief update…
On arriving home yesterday I had great fun – I skipped and then RAN down our 8 steps and then ran back up them and down again finishing off this shy entrance with a MASSIVE star jump and a woooohoooooo!!!

After a quick cup of tea, we then walked grinning from ear to ear into Crouch End and back popping in and out of shops, because we can (!!) then walked back with me carrying a bag of groceries. Interestingly Debbie noticed how much quicker my walk was back and up hill as the brain adjusted to my new and exciting life.

I’ve now had my final question answered…….. No more sticks / wheelchair for me. But yes to rollerblades and walking boots. SUPERB!

Then later at 8.30pm I danced excitedly to 2 songs – My dance style still has little to be deisred!!

The above is a MASSIVE & heartfelt THANK YOU.

I will write again in 2 weeks time to let you know where my feet have taken me. But now I’m going on my exercise bike then we’re going to the Heath. WOOHOO…..

All our heartfelt thanks,
Debbie & Justine

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