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Meet our Practitioners: Åsa Firth

Here’s your chance to find out more about each of our practitioners!

Åsa Firth for the websiteThis week we look at Åsa Firth.  Åsa qualified in 2015 and is our only practitioner running courses in Sweden at the moment – she works in a number of locations including Göteborg, Linköping, Rättvik, Stockholm and Vadstena.

Åsa has previously run seminars over here in the UK but is now fully focused on Sweden.

You can find out more by searching ‘Åsa Firth’ here: or going to her own website here:

Phil Parker

About Phil Parker

Phil Parker is an internationally renowned author, speaker, therapist and innovator in the field of personal development. Phil runs the Phil Parker Training Institute in London where he train people in NLP, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and the Lightning Process. His work, including the Lightning Process, has changed the lives of thousands of people by around the world. More information about Phil can be found here.