Using neuroscience to rebuild health

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7374 0233

Basic Details

Once you have completed the first phase – the home study section, the next phase starts with contacting your practitioner.  They will answer any questions you have and talk you through the details of the seminar.

These tend to be run as small group training with between 3-8 people in each group, however there is also the option to take the training as a 1:1.

Your Lightning Process training will include:

  1. Your pre-course discussions and specific coaching if required
  2. Three half day LP training and course materials, including support CD/download and comprehensive course manual
  3. Three hours of follow up phone/skype calls

Once you have completed your training, there are a number of additional support structures:

  • Free podcasts and newsletter updates
  • Graduate website
  • Post-course downloads and books to support your learning
  • Additional phone or face to face coaching appointments as required
  • Group Follow up sessions

The fees:
The fees vary depending on which country you take the training in and which practitioner you see.  As a rough guide the price in the UK is approximately £650 but countries with higher costs of living, like Norway, are often more.  Please visit your practitioner’s website for full details.